August 2022

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

Digital Solutions Pilot

In July, we finished the pilot of authentic communication program. We count on the collaboration of 6 companies, three of which are PG, BBVA and MELI. We have obtained great feedback from sponsors and participants of each organization. Now, because of this pilot program we are negotiating a new opportunity that we’ll communicate soon. Currently, we are working on the performance of a new product based on this program. Each cohort could have up to 200 people for 4 weeks where they will enjoy online workshops and a learning platform.  Today, the program already able in Spanish but in the future, we hope to deliver it in English.

This is Our value proposition with this program:

  • Transforming the quality of conversations to determinate the business success
  • Pushing the process of culture transformation and developing new skills in teams.

The Fellowship

One of this year’s biggest marketing and business initiative is our sponsorship of “The Fellowship”

The Fellowship is an event designed to be an unparalleled experience for leaders looking to build captivating cultures that customers can’t resist and employees refuse to leave.  Teryluz is one of the speakers for the event.

We invite you to share this link with your networks to increase exposure of the event and of the webinar we’re hosting in preparation for it.

After our partnership and support to MELI in 2016, currently we have a new commitment with them to get better the onboarding (named Journey 100 days) of their Managers &UP in ADN MELI. Our proposal based on the design and execution of 12 encounters for 2 days in Argentina, Brazil and maybe México. We focus on the following: - Generating awareness and belonging with their role into organizations as influencers leaders pushing their culture, inspiring others and motivating them in an effective way. - Developing their skills and offering tools that can help them to model their culture principles - Promoting connections between leaders to learn, support and enrich themselves beyond of Journey 100 days.
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With Aleatica we are working to strengthen the values of teamwork between the executive board, creating an environment of trust among them where to exist the effectiveness communication, the integration and then to deploy it to other levels into the organization in support to build “ONE ALEATICA”. Currently, the first step is oriented to help their new CEO develop and drive a high-performance leadership team and as a second step, we hope to support them in culture transformation next year.
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Cirion started as a low key small opportunity to coach two possible successors to the CEO role, and after a Company M&A process, it’s become an opportunity to support, and coach the Executive Suite of a new constituted company (Inv. Fund owned) that leads the business globally from LATAM. We’ve renewed coaching sessions to support the new CEO, and Commercial Executive Director, plus the whole ELT. We’re also supporting them while “refunding” the team’s purpose and company’s strategy and culture. Providing it all goes great (we certainly have staffed for success), we’ll be taking care of this customer for the coming years, we’re sure.
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September Birthdays

7th Katharina Sell

9th Raff Viton


13th Carlos Agustin

19th Laura Roubakhine

 19th Octavio Lopez

25th Leanne Lowish​

26th Marc Roudebush 


Axialent in Action!

Alpek Polyester Mexico

Conscious Leaders – August 2022

Mercado Libre Argentina

ADN Meli – August 2022

Webinar "Building Remarkable brands from the Inside out"

During September, Teryluz is hosting a fascinating webinar with special guest David Salyers. Both of them are part of the speakers for this year’s The Fellowship.

Register now for the webinar and spread the word!

People Care

Gratitude & Appreciation

To Horacio Rieznik: P&G Talent and TI on going projects Horacio is a great thought partner and a better executor of the client and Axialent’s leading team for this client’s vision on what we should deliver. We want to appreciate him for his openness, his creative partnership and for putting the customer first in all he does. Thank you Horacio!

Fran Cherny & Guille Maier

To Marisa Villanueva: The amazing professionalism, reliability and friendly patience of Marisa is like a rock, on which the good client relationships and a great Axialent delivery team for BSH is build. Marisa: you are our rock - and our rock star. Thank you!

Frank Dannenhauer

To Diego Garzón: Thank you, Diego, for your priceless support during my paternity leave. I’m aware it has been a big challenge, and you handled it being impeccable and accountable. Short time after joining Axialent you were assigned with leading this area (Marketing) and you developed the capability of finding and requesting support across the system to address the different challenges that emerged. Your contribution helped me directly to fully enjoy my leave and to connect with the most important thing that ever happened to me. I am grateful to you for all your support. Abrazo!

Benja Gil

To Piedad Umaña: For her leadership in TI’ s SLDP Beyond 2 Piedad happily and willingly accepted the challenge of leading this much valued programme, and joined “ on the go”. Horace and her teamed up brilliantly, to not only transform TI and Axialent’s feedback from Beyond 1 into actions, but to exceed everyone’s expectations! Client is pleased with this team and Piedad’s leadership and so are we!!!

Fran Cherny & Guille Maier

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

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