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YES!  We are sending out the invitation for our next All Axialent call that will take place on May 19th!  We will be sending out the invitation with plenty of time so you make sure to lock the slot in your calendar to find out how the business is moving forward and learn more about our initiatives.

In our first All Axialent Call we told you about our three pillars for this year: People First, Customer Love and Growth!

Based on those pillars we launched four initiatives that actually became a couple more!

Thanks to everybody that sign-up to put some extra time, heart and effort into this and helping impact as much people as possible!  We will be sharing more information, news and tests in the upcoming weeks!

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​​​​​​​Here are a few of the posts we uploaded in the last couple of weeks!

In this series, Oseas shares his first 90 days as Axialent´s CEO. Check out the videos sharing the insights and challenges of these first weeks.

Hybridwork is more and more common. How can you as a leader foster belonging within your hybrid teams?

Here are 5 valuable tips from Constanza Busto.

Most of us spend more than 30 percent of our working time on decision-making, and that time only increases with seniority.

Watch this video to learn how to make things happen as a leader.

Take a look now to learn more and get the ball rolling!

“Sparking joy at work” is Anabel´s newsletter where she shares the essence of her work in developing leaders who transform cultures. 

If you want to get inspired, find power questions to reflect and make change happen, sign up for Fran´s newsletter “Lead to transform”.

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4th Achim Arnold

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13th Valentin Giro Cata

17th Constanza Busto

19th Marisa Villanueva

Second Edition

On March 16th, Fran Cherny presented in Buenos Aires the second edition of his book “Be the Change: the art of becoming your own innovation project” 

Congratulations Fran!

Click here to get the kindle edition in English or here to get the printed book in Spanish (Argentina)

Meet Bhavna Chadalavada, our Content Writer. Click here to learn more about her!

Get to know Diego Garzón, our latest joiner of the Marketing team. Click here to learn more about him.

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