Newsletter February 2022


This will be the first Newsletter for this year.  Make sure you learn about some exciting news, post, content and new people that joined in the past months!  


How exciting we could all come together last week to connect, praise and appreciate José, welcome Oseas into his new role as CEO and start sharing our plans and ideas to have a great 2022!

Over 50 of us connected and participated in this new beginning where Oseas shared his goal for Axialent to indirectly impact 1 million people by the end of 2023.  Click here to watch the All Axialent call.  You will need to be logged in with your Axialent account.

We decided on three pillars as our priorities for 2022:

  1. People First (working at Axialent needs to get better… and we need to get better at working with Axialent).
  2. Customer Love (Loving our customers as human beings is the core of what we do).
  3. Growth (we need to grow on what we do… AND, create a spin-off company to serve our mission with hyper-growth).

Here are four initiatives that we think will help us get better at our pillars.  If you think you can be part of the solution given your passions and experience, sign-up!!

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​​​​​​​Here are a few of the posts we uploaded in the last couple of weeks!

Diversity and Inclusion continue to gain traction. Take a look at Teryluz Andreu´s reflection

When we were kids, we learned so many things from having zero knowledge about them. What happened to us when we became adults?

In this article, Thierry de Beyssac shares an interesting reflection connecting this question to growth and innovation in organizations.

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This time we have an article from the Harvard Business Review blog.

“Sparking joy at work” is Anabel´s newsletter where she shares the essence of her work in developing leaders who transform cultures. 

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10th Steve Munro

11th Benjamin Gil

20th Belén Zurita

2nd  Evelin Oswald

6th Adilson Sestenari

26th Ricardo Gil

Business Application Coaching for Leaders (BAC4L)

We are excited to announce the launch of the “BAC4L Program – Cohort III”, starting mid – March 2022.

We had a great journey with cohorts I & II during 2021, full of insights, learnings and great feedback from the participants. 

Join us in continuig expanding consciousness around the globe by sharing this program.

For further information, feel free to contact


Belén Zurita has recently joined the PM Team. Click here to learn more about her!

Meet Paula del Barrio, our new member of the F&A Team. Click here to learn more about her!


Get to know Laura Roubakhine, our new EM and Consultant. Click here to learn more about her!

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