July 2022

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

Business council - Initiatives

On May 30th we internally kicked off our business development initiative called “Business Council” conformed by senior executives with large leadership and management experience interested in helping us to stay…
…market connected and develop our market awareness, go to market alliances and new client acquisition. The current BC members as follows:
  • Jose Ramón Magarzo: Spain BC member & global BC Leader
  • Annie Coleman: UK BC member – Stefaan von Hooydonk: Netherlands BC member
  • Felipe Garza: Latam BC member
  • Carlos Agustín: US BC member

Rebecca Williams

We’re delighted to welcome Rebecca Williams as our new Business Development Consultant. She is an Executive Coach, a Business & Culture Strategist, a Path Finder and a Fearless Dreamer.
 Her experience, energy, and power will certainly make an impact on our team and our clients and partners.
Welcome to Axialent Rebecca!

We are conducting an ideal and current culture assessment , and will be working with the senior leadership team to define the desired culture and key shifts needed to develop a culture transformation roadmap. In addition, we'll be doing a High-Performance Team journey with the executive team and the leadership team of one of their business units to help them demonstrate the desired leadership behaviors.

Project Team: Teryluz Andreu, Ekin Tutek, Elena Ortega, Thierry de Beyssac, Gina Gonzalez, Federico Moisello
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We are now cascading this work leveraging our “CB essentials” online program to the next 300 leaders and working with the HR team and some of the senior leaders to help participants go through the material and practice with real examples and situations. We are currently discussing with the client what should be the next wave of work once we finish this program in Q3 2022. More to come!
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We will drive greater Diversity and Inclusion, which is high on their VP of Technology’s agenda. We focus our proposal on paving the way to build a more inclusive culture. We were excited to partner again with our dear Pamela Mattsson, who designed and delivered an impactful Masterclass on the topic. Márcio Marcos and Anabel Dumlao continue the work by designing and delivering a brief journey for 25 senior leaders, where they worked on the mindsets required to become more inclusive leaders, they examined their privilege and learned about allyship, and discovered ways to shape the culture they want.
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Website Feedback

Our new website is live and running and we would love to get your feedback on what looks good and, more importantly, what could be improved. Feel free to send an email to diego.garzon@axialent.com with your suggestions and feedback.

People Care

When was the last time you FIKA?

A couple of members of our Operations Teams shared the need for open spaces, and connected us with FIKA.  This is the Swedish word for a ritual and a concept that rather than just a coffee break is a state of mind; a mindful break to connect on a different level with other members of our community; is not about tricking your body so it can work harder afterwards, this is about genuinely slowing down and connecting.  We will launch a trial right after this Newsletter is sent, so feel free to bring your coffee, tea, mate and whatever suits you, and share.

BAC4L Cohort IV

We are happy to announce  the 4th edition of our “Business Application Coaching for Leaders (BAC4L) program. This is a 100 – day sprint designed to enhance your impact as a leader and learn how to apply Application coaching to support your people. We invite you to share this program with your colleagues, clients and coaches that may be interested in learning the Conscious Business methodology.

Gratitude & Appreciation

A big thank you and applause to Rolf Schimrock for designing a very dynamic and creative series of 3 “Case Practices” for a fifth 2-day Off-site Workshop that we will deploy at Alpek Polyester in August and September in the US-Canada-México-Argentina. Merci Rolf!

Thierry Debeyssac

On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank Paula del Barrio for her day-to-day contribution and openness to new challenges. Pau, your values and great professionalism make you a key part of our team!

Agus & Charlie

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let´s spread some gratitude!

August Birthdays

1st Vedat Erol

9th Stephanie Ruder

19th Oseas Ramirez

16th Bernhard Zimmerman

20th Virginia  Alemandi

24th Juan Pierro

24th Ednéia Lima

25th María Ferrante

30th Carlos Vighenzoni

Meet & Greet

Herberth Gracia

Join us in welcoming Herberth Garcia as our new Project Manager. He is from Colombia, willing to take new challenges as a PM at Axialent and very interested in our approach to help leaders change mindsets and transform cultures.

Octavio Lopez

We are happy to welcome Octavio López to Axialent. He is in his last steps to becoming an Accountant at UADE, Argentina.
He lives in Buenos Aires and has experience in tax advisory, mainly from local sourced taxes.
Octavio, we wish you all the best!

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