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Thank you for everybody that joined yesterday at the May All Axialent Call.  We were +40 from all around the world connecting and having a conversation about what it means to become a Learning Organization and model it on what we learned and achieve during the last months on our People FirstCustomer Love and Growth pillars.

If you attended and have any recommendations on how we can make this calls better, please let us know at

In case you couldn´t attend, here´s the recording:


  1. We hit our sales target for Q1 and even passed it a bit!  We are on track for Q2 and very optimistic for the near future.
  2. We have brought in 15 new clients that want to change their cultures with us!
  3. Our Team keeps growing (get to know more new people at the end of the Newsletter).
  4. We’ve launched the BUSINESS COUNCIL.  Follow-us on LinkedIn to get the latest news on who will be part of this great team we’re putting together to leverage our sales.


Yesterday we launch our latest Engagement Survey via Slik!  Please make sure to check your email and share your insights with us!

The survey is critical in our plans to becoming a Learning Organizations as it will provide a baseline from which we need to grow and improve.

Shoutout to Eve, Romi, Franco, Craig, Tery and Elena for their support and wisdom to launch this!

"The Pandemic I experienced as CEO"

José Suarez Arias – Cachero shares this fascinating article about his challenging experience as Axialent´s CEO during the pandemic.

Click here to read the english version or here to read the spanish version

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​​​​​​​Here are a few of the posts we uploaded in the last couple of weeks!

Have you ever wondered how deep you need to go in each meeting or conversation?
This is a very important aspect to consider, especially from a leadership perspective.
Axialent’s CEO, J.Oseas Ramirez Assad addresses this topic in his latest video.

How can we help increase awareness in our children?
We live in a world that constantly pulls our children in the opposite direction of the search for consciousness, so we must be attentive and work on it.

In the video Thierry tells us how 

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4th Laura Boscolo 

5th  Bhavna Chadalavada 

7th Frank Dannenhauer

9th Fran Cherny 

21st Andreu Teryluz 

24th Silvia Spesotto

5th José Suarez 

8th Franco Palazzolo

18th Melike Yildiz

19th Karen Foundling

30st Paula del Barrio

Sponsors of "The Fellowship"

We’re honored to announce Axialent’s sponsorship of The Fellowship 2022

The Fellowship is the world’s preeminent 4-day organizational culture masterclass. This year it’s taking place on November 7-10 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Our very own Teryluz Andreu is one of the guest speakers alongside culture pioneers like Ginger Hardage (Southwest Airlines), David G. Salyers, Ed Catmull (Pixar Animation Studios), and Katie Burke (HubSpot).

So, whether you are an organization in need of a roadmap for lasting culture transformation, or a healthy culture in need of nourishment, this community of passionate culture-builders is ready for you.

Join us to learn how to build a captivating culture your customers can’t resist and your employees refuse to leave — join us at The Fellowship.


We’re thrilled to announce Paloma Beamonte as our new Global Head of Client Acquisition. Click here to learn more about her!

Have you met our AFN member Joao AdaoClick here to learn more about him.

Get to know Juliana Clemente, one of our latest incorporation to the AFN team! Click here to learn more about her.

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