April 2023

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

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After a memorable keynote by Oseas for the leadership at their IT Hub, we have secured some work with Nestlé Spain! With a new CEO coming in, on a mission to put leadership front and center in an organization that is living and breathing VUCA times, it is a great opportunity for us to support them in a meaningful way.
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Happily, we have also won a Culture project at the #1 bank in Peru! (What’s happening in Peru???) Again, a Conscious Business champion from BBVA referred us when she moved to Credicorp, the principal financial holding in the country and owner of said bank. The challenge is a beauty: Credicorp owns 8 businesses, each with its own culture (and proud of it); they would like to harness the power of defining a culture that can hold and respect them all, while providing an integrating umbrella. Not your typical cultural assessment work, but we will be working hand in hand with top leadership at corporate and hope to cause a lasting impression that can eventually lead us to support each of the business units in turn.
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Grupo Breca is a Peruvian conglomerate that owns the other half of BBVA Perú. You probably guessed that we were referred to them by BBVA, thanks to the outstanding work performed by our team (kudos to Ekin Tutek, Valentín Giró and Pablo Carter for setting the precedent!) with the Executive Committee of the 2nd largest bank in Peru. José Suárez and Anabel Dumlao are kicking off a leadership team journey with the Corporate LT at an offsite in Lima on April 18-19 and will continue to support them until the end of the year.
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As part of its global Culture Transformation journey, Vitro Group (or a global client in the Glass Manufacturing Industry) confirmed to pilot our digital cohort-based courses solution to scale-up quickly and cascading down the development of the new mindsets, skills and behaviors of their Culture Manifesto among all its full-time employees, more than 700 people. A pilot that could be extended to other BUs in the future.
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Conscious Business Enthusiasts

Conscisous Business Enthusiasts is a Go!

As many of you know, we’ve been working to build a Conscious Business Community for our Alumni in order to generate proactive engagement with them. The goal is to stay top-of-mind for them, so we actively influence the increase of leads coming to us as referrals.

We have already launched the pilot phase of the project and will keep you posted with more details.

This is an effort that will continue to grow indefinitely and will hopefully become an important channel of deals for Axialent.

Axialent in Action!


4th Achim Arnold

9th Pia Riccombeni

13th Valentin Giro Cata

17th Connie Busto

19th Marisa Villanueva

Axialent 20 Years

20 year Anniversary gatherings in Madrid and Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires

All Axialent Call

On Thursday May 18th Oseas will host the second All Axialent Call of the year, followed by a 30 minutes space for Q&A.

Click on the link below to access to the call in case you haven´t received the calendar invite. As usual, the call will be recorded and shared with the community.

 May 18th at 10 am ET / 11 am BUE / 4 pm CET


We are thrilled to announce our decision to promote our dear Agustín Carrizo to Finance & Accounting Manager

Agus story is one that really makes us both proud and inspired.  He started working with us back in 2016 as a Trainee with Expenses and Reporting and grew within the Team to end-up taking ownership of the accounting and management of several of our subsidiaries.  He decided to try new horizons for a brief period during the Pandemic, but re-joined Axialent 2 years ago to take of the responsibility and challenge of leading an F&A team that was brand new.

Agus, these last two years you were impeccable in taking on this new challenge and you´ve been a key cornerstone in re-building our Team.  Personally, it fills me with joy to work around you given your positive attitude and your player mindset.  It’s been fantastic to witness you grow and develop in this last two years we shared working together again.

Good luck in this new challenge!

Gratitude & Appreciation

Juan, thank you very much for your help to compile my coaching records for ICF, you have done an exhaustive and very complete job, impeccable! Big hug! Valen

Valentín Giro

We’d like to recognize Pablo for his outstanding work with Aleatica and other clients in our portfolio such as Alpek Polyester. His dedication to the success of our projects is truly commendable. His true client love approach, positive attitude and generosity have not gone unnoticed and we truly appreciate the impact he has on our team and clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Pablo. Once again, thank you for the hard work and dedication.

Thierry & Pia

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