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August 2023

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We have a new opportunity with Kavak. Kavak is a global company with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman and United Arab Emirates. We are the number one e-commerce company in the purchase and sale of pre-owned vehicles and the private startup with the highest valuation in Latam. Kavak is also the first Unicorn Company in the history of Mexico, but its current value is US$8.7B, that is almost 9 unicorns together. We are working on a leadership training program considering two paths: Business as usual and digital training.
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Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is a creator and operator of unique sustainable places where people and communities connect through extraordinary, meaningful shared experiences. Working across the most dynamic markets in Europe and the US, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is committed to the vital role we can play in the regeneration of cities while accelerating their environmental transition to a net-zero future. We have secured a project to facilitate an off-site for the leadership team this September.
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We are working on a new opportunity with Veconinter, a world of solutions for the transportation industry. Veconinter helps manage the complex process of billing and collection of Demurrage & Detention, among other services. Established in 1988, the company is now in more than 15 countries and expanding to provide unparalleled service to our clients. The scope of the proposal is aimed at helping the business leader to set up the principles of their business PMO through a set of meeting facilitation sessions.
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This is a client referral and we are exploring potential opportunities to help them develop their global mission, vision and value statements. In addition to our ongoing efforts, we've secured our first engagement with them. This will involve facilitating a team off-site, led by our champion, Tati Lopez.
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GRUPO SOMA represents the union of two iconic brands: ANIMALE and FARM. Boasting a strong workforce of over 10,000 employees, GRUPO SOMA stands as a frontrunner in the Brazilian apparel and fashion industry. We've recently submitted our proposal for a cultural transformation project to them.
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During July we have kicked off a High performing team development program for the Leadership Team of Uala Mexico which is undergoing an integration due to an acquisition. Pollo Marti and Roger Salcedo will be delivering next week the 1st 2-day offsite in Cuernavaca with this team. A big congratulations to all the team involved: Gina, Tati, Sergio, Glo, Roger, Pollo and Connie. There are plenty of opportunities to support this client moving forward in their culture integration process.
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We have a new client in the USA, Mr. Cooper, one of USA's largest mortgage servicing companies! This is one of the leads that came from our investment at The Fellowship. We will be helping them define their desired culture. Rebecca Williams will be the EM for this new project.
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We are halfway through Nutricia's development journey for their senior leaders. Tim Altaffer and Rebecca Williams facilitated an in-person offsite meeting at the end of July that was well received. We are starting to see how leaders are adopting and practicing new mindsets that are making an impact.
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We have finally kicked off the culture program with Credicorp, the largest financial services holding company in Peru. We are all super excited, we are starting the process interviewing some key stakeholders and working with the executive committee to define their vision and purpose. We are at a very initial stage and at this point the team is composed by: Ekin (EM), Elena (Culture Expert), Belu (Project Manager), Richi (lead facilitator) & Connie (Partner involved).
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We have finalized the first leg of the HPT journey with Breca's Executive Committee for their Corporate Center. They have requested another 8-month extension of our work, to accompany the team as they see the VP of Talent leave the organization, and welcome a new joiner from outside the firm as well as two internal promotions. Seems like Peru is the place to be these days!
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Axialent Website: Improvements

We’re excited to share that we’ve recently made several enhancements to our website. These updates aim to improve performance and elevate the user experience.

Here are the key features we’ve added:
  • Speed & Performance: Enhanced site speed and loading times for a smoother browsing experience.
  • Homepage Animations: Introduced more fluid and dynamic animations.
  • Homepage Layout: The home page has been reorganized for clarity, featuring a fixed header and a more user-friendly call-to-action button.
  • About Us: Added new data points to provide more insights about our organization (about us).
  • Client Logos: Improved visibility of our client logos across all pages.
  • Our Impact: A new dedicated section in the header to showcase our case studies.
  • Keynote Speakers: Introduced a new section highlighting our keynote speakers. While we’ll be expanding this list soon, you can view the current members featured.
All these updates are available in both languages on our website.
For any feedback or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to Benja  (benjamin.gil@axialent.com)  Your insights are invaluable to us!
Thank you for your continued support and collaboration!


7th Katharina Sell

9th Raff Viton

10th Octavio López

13th Carlos Agustín

19th Laura Roubakhine

25th Leanne Lowish

26th Marc Roudebush


Whalemate: Anti-Phishing Defense!

A few months back, we started working with Whalemate: a company dedicated to educating us on digital safety with the purpose of protecting ourselves against evolving cyber threats. Each month we will be rolling out new courses that will help us stay protected against possible attempts to fish for important information.

The courses are simple, fun, and only take a few minutes to complete. Please make sure to make some time to complete them as soon as you can!

Log in to Whalemate Academy here. If you have any questions, contact Marcio here.

Welcome Agustina Colombo!

Digital Marketing Analyst

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Click here and join us in welcoming Agustina.

Agus, we are delighted to have you on board!

Accelerate Your Impact with us

On August 9th (Spanish) and August 28th (English) at 12 pm Argentina time, we presented our new digital product designed to generate behavior change on a larger scale. Our intention was to present this product in detail and together explore how this tool can expand your participation with us and generate a greater impact on customers!

For those who were not able to make it to the meeting, here is the recording of the English session.

If you have a prospect in mind or you just want to better understand the solution, feel free to book 1:1 meeting with Carlos Agustin or Ruy Cervantes.

Gratitude & Appreciation

To: Marisa, Melike, Ana, Florencia, Ezgi, Christian, Marius & Rolf .
I am filled with gratitude to the amazing team effort to deliver a leadership program at BSH with 90 participants in a challenging context. The client feedback was “outstanding”. We could observe in real time, how people came changed, inspired, and more connected out of this journey and they are now more aware of who they are and how they want to show up in this world. With my deepest appreciation to the BSH GBO delivery team.

Frank Dannenhauer

To: Pablo, Nelson, Laura S., Flor
Thank you for your contribution to the Aleatica Culture Transformation journey! We are growing our partnership with the client, and delivering an impactful program that is helping the organization embrace Conscious Business values and mindsets.

Thierry & Pia

To: Rebecca, Maneesh, Melanie, Brian and Federico.
I want to thank the team for their hard work and dedication to the City of Hope project. This has been an interesting but challenging project that had many moving pieces. I want to thank their willingness to challenge themselves to think outside the box and be flexible to meet the client's needs. I want to specially call out Rebecca's leadership as the EM of the project and Maneesh's incredible contribution in the data analysis.

Teryluz Andreu

A special thanks to Horacio for taking on the challenge of re-designing a workshop for Alpek Polyester and running the first session in Argentina. We appreciate enormously all your expertise!

Thierry & Pia

To: Edvard, Luiz and Herberth
A big THANK YOU for the work with Ingram Micro Brazil! Managing to schedule and deliver all LSI debriefs prior to the workshop and carry out a great session with the LD Team. More to come as they continue their Culture Program!

Pia Riccombeni

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

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