December 2022

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We all know that companies love what we do. But how can we bring it to more people faster? That is the vision of Axialent digital solutions. We produced and launched a program that seeks to keep the “No-room-to-hide” experience in a blended version for 100-200 cohorts.
In terms of results, this configuration allows us to increase our impact by 10x. The future looks bright, based on the feedback from customers and users that experienced the digital solution. In fact, the head of L&D in Mercado Libre told us: “I have 10.000 managers that need to take this program, and I would love to make it accessible to everyone (30.000 people)”.  There are other customers in the pipeline, such as, Cirion, P&G, and potential partners like NextU.

The goal for 2023 is to produce a portfolio of 6 learning units (English and Spanish) that allows us to design different configurations of skills-building programs driven by Conscious Business. In 2022, we ran three 100-people-cohorts, and we have 12 cohorts confirmed with Mercado Libre in 2023.  Finally, the sales goal is USD700K in digital solutions next year.

Nelson Granja

Enjoy this testimony from a participant of the program “ADN MELI”

Axialent in Action!

January Birthdays

  • 2nd Teresa Suarez
  • 6th Florencia Bosisio
  • 13nd Laura Suarez
  • 16th Nikolaidou Irini 
  • 21st Herberth Gracia León
  • 23rd  Marcela Llovera
  • 27th Pablo Carter
  • 27th  Marcio Marcos
  • 31st Georgina Gonzalez Lara

End of Year Gathering

The Operations team from Buenos Aires shared a fun activity to celebrate the end of the year

End of Year Message

We are wrapping up another year! Here is a message to the Axialent community from our CEO, Oseas Ramirez

Gratitude & Appreciation

I want to thank Horacio for his great work by leading the development of case studies, videos and presentations that were key to build the Mindsets and Impeccable Commitments module. Your work has been crucial to put everything together and make the product a reality. I really enjoy working with you. You live and breath Conscious Business.

Nelson Granja

Thanks to Guada because you have been my support in many moments. I love the way that you connect with people from a genuine side and your commitment to your job. Thanks to Marce because you always have the will to teach me with humbleness and patience. I appreciate Mario for his intentions to help me and share his knowledge since my first day at Axialent. Thanks to Marcio Marcos for inspiring me to be better, and for listening to me with empathy.

Glojuri Rodríguez

I want to thank Cami for all her effort by supporting Meli’s digital solution. Thanks for being on top of everything, learning how to manage the platform and coordinating everything with the customer! I also want to thank Laura for all your support in the design of the practice sessions and giving kind feedback to improve the design of the digital solution. You stepped out of your role as engagement manager and became part of the production team and that help has been invaluable. Really enjoyed working with both of you.

Nelson Granja

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Axialent World Cup Trivia

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