March 2023

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Currently, Connie’s Team is pushing up an opportunity to co-create a leadership development program to help HENKEL LATAM. During the talent review process, the company has identified specific gaps on first time leaders. Also, there is an opportunity to strengthen strategic skills, improving leader´s capability to widening their perspective (strategic skills: judgement / agility / impact). Henkel wants to ensure the program helps build a solid foundation of how to lead people at Henkel in LATAM, aligned to the company’s values and culture.
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On March 8-9th, Thierry successfully delivered a 2 day workshop in Dubai to OCTAL’s Leadership Team, a recent acquisition from Alpek Polyester in the Middle East. This offsite is the first step to bring them on board the Culture Transformation journey. We confirmed a second workshop with this team for June 2023 to continue working on CB mental models. This was followed by a Company Culture Day, in which over 70 employees from their Muscat office joined the team in Dubai to foster connection and promote Culture. OCTAL is a very diverse company with over 15 nationalities, languages and religious backgrounds. The event was fully organized by the employees themselves, it was a showcase of creativity and energy. There was a team competition in which Thierry was invited to be one of the judges, and there was also some Hindu dancing. We are proud to be spreading the Conscious Business values and behaviors into new territories. Thank you to everyone involved in this project.
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Last March 8th for Happy International Women’s' Day, Anabel shared a “meaningful moment” with Teka’s corporate offices in Madrid. In a world where haste and 'do' are the new currency, it is heartwarming to find businesses willing to pause for conscious choice. From Teka, they recognize Anabel as their special guest inspiring a meaningful conversation about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. As Anabel said, “we all are responsible - women & men - to make our personal and professional world a place with more gender Equity”.
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We are thrilled to announce that we´ve got a new client: Oesia group. Oesía group is a Spanish multinational engineering company dedicated to technological innovation. We will be working with the top 190 executives on leadership training based on Conscious Business principles. On top of this, we will be working on a 1on1 coaching program with 3 members of the executive committee.
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Axialent in Action!


2nd Laura Suárez

6th Camila Vaccarezza

9th Piedad Umaña

21st José Grinda

Axialent Leadership Team: Madrid Offsite


All Axialent Call

On February 9th, almost 40 members of our Community gathered at an All Axialent Call with a ’30 minute Q&A that followed. Thanks to everybody that was able to join-in! Here are the main topics that were covered:

Axialent for Turkey

Acknowledgement of the situation in Turkey and the different circumstances for our Turkish members.  We’ve started a donation campaign, you can make your contribution by following this link: 

Axialent 20th Anniversary

We are running a month-long exercise in a MURAL for everybody to contribute with their photos and experience in their time collaborating at Axialent. Make sure you visit the MURAL in this link:

Click on the icon to watch the recording:

You can check the PPT shared by Oseas during the call with the updates, 2022 balance and 2023 initiatives and plans: 

Gratitude & Appreciation

I want to express my appreciation to Marcio Marcos. I want to thank you Marcio for reaching out when no one was watching! I want to thank you for motivating me when I was at my lowest! I want to thank you for protecting me on my I-Level anytime it was at risk! Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring friend, coach, and colleague! Love

Melike Yildiz

I would like to thank Marce for her continuous friendship and partnership, the time we share discussing various issues, and her strong commitment to improving how we work.

Franco Palazzolo

Edi, thank you for your good predisposition to help beyond your role, it makes my work easier and we have a better impact with the client! Cami, you joined ADN Meli when you returned from maternity leave and led, and today you closed the first stage of the project, with impeccability and autonomy. Thank you because your accountability and commitment is reflected in a positive impact for the client, for the team and for Axialent.

Laura Roubakhine

To Melike: The earth shook beneath your feet, literally, and shattered many homes and lives around you. We immediately wanted to make sure you were ok, and with what little help we could provide you made miracles. You could have fled Türkiye to keep your children safe. Instead, you chose to stay and provide for your extended family in the abandoned region of Hatay. We would never have imagined that your organization and communication skills as a PM in BSH could have been put to better use. You became logistics manager, teacher, mentor, real estate agent, hospitality provider, ... Melike, we salute you. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being you.

Axialent Community

To Maru: You quietly took one for the team when we were one person down, due to unforeseen circumstances. The spirit of generosity, work ethic and resilience you showed with this choice is something we deeply appreciate. You haven’t told anyone. We will tell them instead. THANK YOU, Maru, for being there for our customers and for our team when we needed you.

Anabel´s Team

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

I would like to thank Laura Roubakhine for her amazing leadership with Mercadolibre. Thanks Laura for taking the lead and showing the way to the whole team involved. I admire your loving care for the client and our Axialent faculty.

Connie Busto

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