July 2023

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

We are excited to announce a partnership with Club Excelencia Gestion, a prominent Spanish business association with over 250 members, including major corporations such as Pascual, Aenor, Aena, Auren, and others. This diverse group also comprises hospitals, local governments, and non-profit organizations. As part of this partnership, we are planning a 3-day workshop focused on innovation. This initiative represents the first project under our new value proposition in the innovation domain.
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We've initiated conversations with Eurofirms, Spain's leading HR company. Recognized by The Financial Times as one of Europe's fastest-growing companies for three consecutive years, Eurofirms presents an exciting potential partner. Our discussions are exploring potential collaborations related to our digital solutions, as well as the possibility of offering our culture consulting services to their clients in Spain and across Europe.
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Bancolombia, with more than 13,000 employees, is the leading financial institution in Colombia. Currently, we're engaged in discussions aimed at assisting the leadership team of their Leasing business unit, which comprises 1,000 employees. Our goal is to elevate the team's performance by aligning members around a shared purpose, fostering trust, and boosting collaboration.
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Entravision is a leading global advertising, media, ad-tech, and commerce solutions company that connects brands to consumers by representing top platforms and publishers. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA, Entravision's Class A Common Stock trades on The New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: EVC. Recently, we secured a small deal to facilitate a leadership team session in Miami. Currently, we are discussing a leadership training program for their top 120 leaders.
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We are working on an opportunity with Colorobbia. The Colorobbia Group, with operating companies worldwide, specializes in the production and distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics and glass industry. We are discussing how Axialent can help them foster innovation and ensure that their new set of innovative products are aligned with their sustainability efforts.
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We are working on an opportunity with Grupo Proeza, a portfolio management company based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. They are focused on building long-term business ecosystems within the Industrial, Agribusiness, and Healthcare industries, and are comprised of the companies Metalsa, Proeza Ventures, Citrofrut, PHP, and Astrum. Proeza is seeking our support to facilitate a leadership team focused on helping them overcome the challenges of transformation, particularly by elevating the level of consciousness of their leaders. The goal is to help these leaders understand that transformation begins with themselves.
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We are working on a new opportunity with Yandex. Yandex is a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning. With 34 offices worldwide, Yandex has been listed on NASDAQ since 2011. The opportunity at hand involves working with distributed teams to help them overcome cultural issues impacting trust, collaboration, and communication.
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Axialent in Action!


1st Vedat Erol

16th Bernhard Zimmermann

19th Oseas Ramirez

20th Virginia Alemandi

24th Edneia Lima

24th Juan Pierro

25th Maria Ferrante

30st Charlie Vighenzoni


Welcome Rogelio Salcedo Villacampa - Partner

Meet Rogelio Salcedo Villacampa, our new Partner at Axialent Mexico!
With extensive experience in HR consulting and leadership roles at renowned companies like PepsiCo and L’Oreal among many others, Rogelio brings a unique wealth of expertise to our team. We are excited to have Rogelio on board as we continue to deliver impactful solutions and add value to our clients.

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Engagement Survey Results (July 2023)

Results are now ready and open for you to see them following this link (please note that you´ll have to log in using your Axialent email account).

You can also check the  Engagement Survey Heatmap (you will need to be logged in Axialent´s Sharepoint also with your Axialent email account).

We will be working on analyzing the results and committed to keep learning and improving.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey!

Accelerate Your Impact with us: Invitation to join us in our Webinar

new op

On August 9th (Spanish) and August 28th (English) at 12 pm Argentina time, we will be presenting our new digital product designed to generate behavior change on a larger scale. Our intention is that you get to know this product in detail and together explore how this tool can expand your participation with us and generate a greater impact on customers!

Click on the options below to download the calendar invite (both calls will be recorded):

If you want to know more before the Webinar, here  you can watch a brief teaser video that explains the product.

Gratitude & Appreciation

To: Connie, Richi & Ekin
I am filled with gratitude to Connie and Richi for taking a step forward to retain our new client, Credicorp!
Ekin, thank you for your perseverance and great work during the entire sales process. It's been a roller coaster trip, and being with you on the ride saved us from derailing. All the best for delivery, I'm sure you're on the road to writing the next success story on culture transformation. Love,

Anabel Dumlao

To: Edneia
Thank you Edi for always being ready to help, with that warm smile and temperance and patience that gives me peace and always gets me out of jams.

Laura Roubakhine

To: Nelson, Pablo, Laura S., Ana, Edneia
Thank you to the entire team for proactively contributing to making possible the launch of Aleatica's digital solution! It has been a long road of negotiation, dodging issues of Data Privacy and clearances. We´d like to highlight Nelson's effort, who was key in this process!

Thierry & Pia

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

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