May 2023

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

We are in the final phase of negotiations with iAhorro to carry out a HPT program with the leadership team.
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We are negotiating with McCann Worldgroup a coaching process for the CEO of UK & Europe
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We have an opportunity in Europe for the Authentic Communication digital program with CISCO
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Kaiser X Lab (Allianz Company) we have an opportunity to work on a leadership program inspired by the program we did for BSH (Authentic Leadership)
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We are working on an opportunity to work with the Managing Partner team of Entravision, that manages the Spotify account for 13 Latin American countries. The project is aimed at laying the foundations of the team (the team leader has just taken the position) defining its purpose and the rules of the game as a team that allows them to orient themselves towards the dynamics that make a team become a high performance team
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We have an opportunity to work off-site for the Digital Marketing European team. The offsite will take place in Barcelona in June. Fingers crossed!
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The Associate Partner is a new role that we´ve created in the context of the Partnership Strategy. Associate Partners are characterized by having in-depth knowledge in a business area that is relevant in the business context, and at the same time, having a connection to our core expertise (corporate culture). In the case of Borja, his area of ​​expertise is Innovation, and together we are going to create a value proposition focused on this. In the case of Mirea, her area of ​​expertise is Cultural Risk, and the value proposition that we are going to create is focused on Cultural Risk & Behavioral Risk Management.

Axialent in Action!


4th Laura Boscolo

7th Frank Dannenhauer

9th Fran Cherny

21st Teryluz Andreu

24th Silvia Spesotto

All Axialent Call

On Thursday May 18th Oseas hosted the second All Axialent Call of the year, followed by a 30 minutes space for Q&A.
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Gratitude & Appreciation

Guada and Romi , Thank you for organizing with so much care the celebration of 20 years! It was a nice moment of connection and memory of all that has been built and what is to come!

Horacio, thank you for bringing all your knowledge and creativity to the Feedback product for MELI. The fact that you are part of the project gives me a lot of peace of mind and confidence!

Pia and Benja, thank you for joining MELI, I am sure that all your enthusiasm and commitment will add a lot to all the participants!

Laura Roubakhine

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