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November 2023

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

Caja La Araucana is part of the private administration public social security system, with the task of supporting and facilitating people's lives at all stages, providing them and their families with comprehensive benefits that meet their needs and interests, resulting in greater opportunities for development and well-being. We are presenting a proposal to assist La Araucana in its cultural journey.
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Company located in Granollers (Spain), specialized in metal stamping, pressing in cold, and tooling manufacturing. Since our initial discussions in 2017, we're entering a new phase with the company's owners keen to explore how Axialent can assist with three fundamental areas: Governance, strategic plan review, and Leadership and corporate culture development.
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Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps brands scale their businesses without inventory risks. They fulfill and ship custom clothing, accessories, and home & living items on demand. Each item is made when someone orders it, and customers range from ecommerce entrepreneurs with hundreds of orders per year to global brands that need tens of thousands of orders fulfilled every month. We are presenting a leadership development program for leaders in Mexico.
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Wacker stands at the forefront of the chemical industry, renowned for its intensive research and position as a leading player. Its portfolio of highly specialized products ranges from silicones and polymeric binders to biologically engineered pharmaceuticals and ultra-pure silicon used in semiconductors and solar energy. As a sustainability-focused technology leader, Wacker champions innovation that delivers substantial value while striving to enhance the quality of life. This commitment extends to healthcare, energy efficiency, and the preservation of our climate and environment. In alignment with these values, we are excited to present a leadership development program in Mexico tailored to foster the skills and knowledge necessary for driving such transformative initiatives. This program is designed to further Wacker's vision by cultivating leaders who can spearhead sustainable growth and innovation.
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Established in 1964 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hillman Solutions has carved its niche as a premier provider of comprehensive hardware solutions in North America. Serving an impressive roster of over 26,000 customers, including industry giants like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Walmart, Hillman simplifies complex challenges in the hardware space with innovative products and merchandising strategies. Renowned for their exceptional customer service, Hillman marries the personal touch of a small business with the efficiency of a major corporation, ensuring continuous growth in their sector. As they expand, the role of effective leadership becomes ever more critical. In line with Hillman's commitment to excellence, we are excited to present our specialized coaching proposal, designed to enhance the capabilities of their sales leader in Mexico. This program is tailored to support Hillman's ethos of innovation and service, fostering leadership that drives successful outcomes.
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Axialent in Action!


2nd Ruy Cervantes

13th Ana Rodés

16th Marcio Vieyra

24th Guadalupe Lisicky

25th Horacio Rieznik

26th Glojuri Rodríguez


Laura Caretti

Project Manager

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María José Girón

Project Manager

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Gratitude & Appreciation

Covid push us hard into changing our way of impacting our clients and brining consciousness into organizations. Back then, we were not certain we could impact teams via Zoom, and later we were not certain we could cascade that and broaden it though Digital Solutions. Regardless of the doubts and hesitations, we finished 2022 with the conviction that this was worth trying and we are now closing 2024 with almost 1MM in revenue generated with this new vehicle. Writing specific thanks was not enough, so we made a video! THANK YOU ALL!!

Oseas Ramirez
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