October 2022

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Webinar: The Culture Advantage: How to unlock it

Building a culture with intention and a design perspective unlocks business and growth advantages that can boost organizations to higher levels of performance, competitiveness, and cultural flourishing like never before. Join Thierry De Beyssac and Dan Strode to learn first-hand insights and tips that you can implement right away. Click on the image and Sign – up!

Nutricia North America is taking strategic actions to drive growth and double its revenue by 2026. To achieve this, the Nutricia Leadership Team (NLT) has defined a clear roadmap and has acknowledged that senior leaders need help addressing some of the team dynamics and behaviors that are holding them back from leading with courage and agility. Axialent´s proposal: Facilitate an impactful leadership offsite November 29-December 1, 2022, for the NLT and Directors & Guide the NLT on their journey to become a high performing team in 2023 - Support the Directors on practicing the new mindsets and behaviors in 2023.
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Heritage B is the holding company that owns Teka, Strohm and Thielmann. They are a small central team spread between Spain and Switzerland and hadn’t come together in person for nearly 3 years due to the pandemic. Besides feeling the need to reconnect personally, after several changes in the team, they also saw an opportunity to find their shared identity and a ‘war cry’ of sorts, following the publication of the new company motto “stronger together”. Our client engaged vividly in this work, shifted their perspective from inward-looking to more customer-centric and came out committed to integrating their internal clients’ success into their own success.
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Cirion’s Senior Leadership Team, has now the opportunity to do it all! They are no longer a region or a branch, they build their own future. They know that takes courage and a huge mindset shift. We started with this client with coaching sessions for the CEO’s succession process and last September, Joao Adao and Ale Ordonez facilitated a 3 day offsite in their new HQ, in Miami, to help them take their first step into the future, honoring and integrating their history. They are now embarking in a new era, engaging the organization and facing the challenges of role modeling the new behaviors they think will drive success. We hope to do much more with them in this exciting journey!
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Axialent in Action!

November Birthdays

7th Christian Hvidbo

7th  Mario Kessels

9th  Sergio Ledesma


15th Rollf Schimrock

24th Philip Botha

30th  Marius Hansa

The Fellowship

Wishing the best for our team!

One of this year’s biggest marketing and business initiative is our sponsorship of “The Fellowship”. It is an event designed to be an unparalleled experience for leaders looking to build captivating cultures that customers can’t resist and employees refuse to leave. Our Partner Teryluz Andreu is one of the speakers for the event. We invite you to share this link with your networks to increase exposure of the event and of the webinar we’re hosting in preparation for it.

Coming Soon

Let´s support our favourite team and have some fun!

Who is excited for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?We are! So stay tuned and get ready to have some fun participating on the Axialent World Cup trivia, also known as PRODE, Quiniela and Polla Futbolera. More info coming soon!

During November we will be launching the retake of the Engagement Survey via Slik. 

Once you receive the survey, we kindly ask you to take the time to complete it! It is critical in our plans to becoming a Learning Organization as it will provide a baseline from which we need to grow and improve.

Engagement Survey

People Care

Gratitude & Appreciation

“I am very thankful to Marce and Franco because their commitment and willingness to improve processes and make things easier for Project Managers. Both of them are constantly working with PMs on how to make our outputs impeccable as we are aware of the projects´ information impact over the decision making in Axialent. Great team BMs and keep your motivation high!”

Mario Kessels

"Thank you Herberth, Flor, Laura and Marce for your support and contribution to the success of our HPT Workshop with Ragasa"

Thierry Debeyssac

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

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