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September 2023

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

Kavak is a leading global e-commerce company specializing in the purchase and sale of pre-owned vehicles. With operations spanning across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, Spain, Turkey, and the Middle East—including Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates—it stands as the highest-valued private startup in Latin America. Notably, Kavak made history by becoming the first "Unicorn Company" from Mexico, boasting a current valuation of US$8.7 billion. We're excited to present our leadership development program tailored for Kavak. Our approach offers two distinct paths: a traditional in-person intervention and an innovative digital solution.
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Good news! We've secured a deal with AQA. For those unfamiliar, AQA is the largest provider of general qualifications in the UK, including GCSEs and A levels. They have approximately 1,200 employees, categorizing them as a mid-sized organization. AQA operates as a registered charity, with their presence solely in the UK. Their offices are located in Manchester, Guildford, Milton Keynes, and they have a head office in London. Our initial collaboration will be a 90-day project, focusing on assessing and enhancing their organizational culture. A big congratulations to the team members who made this possible: Anabel, Karen, Carla, and Carlos.
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We are excited to announce a new collaboration opportunity with Corbis, a global organization based in Argentina. They specialize in concept design, development, and project management. Currently, we're in discussions with them regarding a culture diagnosis.
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We are excited to announce a new collaboration opportunity with Milliman. Founded in Seattle in 1947, Milliman is now one of the world's largest independent actuarial and consulting firms with offices worldwide. Their expertise spans employee benefits, healthcare, investment, life insurance, financial services, and property & casualty/general insurance. They cater to a broad range of sectors, from business and finance to government, union, education, and nonprofits. Beyond consulting actuaries, Milliman's team comprises a diverse set of professionals, including clinicians and economists. The leadership team at Milliman seeks our expertise in meeting facilitation. Their aim is to achieve a unified understanding of the importance of organizational culture and its implications.
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We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Tango Therapeutics. They are a pioneering biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing groundbreaking medicines that target cancer vulnerabilities, aiming to transform therapy options for patients. In this partnership, our goal at Axialent is twofold: To support two distinct teams within Tango Therapeutics in their journey from being good teams to becoming high-performing teams. To assist the Leadership team in clearly defining what "high-performing team" means for them.
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After a significant hiatus, we are thrilled to announce our renewed collaboration with CISCO. On September 28th, we will facilitate a session for a regional sales team. The primary focus of this session is to delve into specific mindsets that can empower team members to tackle their unique challenges more effectively. A special congratulations to Tery and Carlos for making this happen!
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We continue to empower MELI's internal facilitators through our Train the trainers processes (5), now 50 facilitators! We thank Richi, Sergio, Ale Ordoñez and Gina for being part of it!
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We finished the Leadership & Culture Program for 56 Sr. Managers & up from Pomelo. Thank you Pablo Gimenez and Connie for leading the facilitation of the Program.
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We are working with the LT in a Culture Program, including quantitative/ qualitative assessments, a series of three two-day Conscious Business workshops, LSI and 1-1 coaching. We were requested a proposal to cascade to the levels below in 2024. Thank you Edvard and Luiz for your great dedication to this client!
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During August and September we did Workshop #6 as part of the Cultural Transformation Programme and this time it was Negotiation and Emotions in Argentina, Mexico, USA and Canada joined and participated both countries together in US. Luiz Bothelo in Brazil, Horacio Rieznik in Argentina, Pablo in Mexico, Brian Lowenthal in US with Canada and US and the next one in October in UK with Karen Founding. To all of them our thanks for having made great days with all the teams Congratulations!
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Sigma US: Thierry and Tim have presented a 3-year Strategic Transformational Leadership proposal - to shift focus from daily operations to long-term vision and organizational transformation. Inspire teams to embrace change, innovate, and work towards a shared vision for the future. Going from a merely transactional role to an essentially transformational one implies a change in culture and mental models that we already started at Sigma in 2022 (High Performing Team with the Lencioni model, the foundations of Conscious Business, etc.). Also, Sigma has enabled us to invite more than 200 participants to the Conscious Business Enthusiast as well as 10 participants to the Open Cohort in Spanish.
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Axtel has joined the Open Cohort in Spanish with 10 participants who will be able to get an idea about BC.
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Axialent in Action!


8th Agustín Carrizo

8th Carla Collenette

10th Guillermina Maier

13th Federico Moisello

19th Anabel Dumlao

24th Romina Dzialoszycki

27th Nelson Granja

30th Agustina Colombo


Conscious Business & Application Coaching Readiness Program (CBACP)

CBP is the grounding stage in the pathway to eventually become an Axialent consultant and deliver our services according to the CB framework.

CBP’s goal is to support the participants in learning the CB Model concepts and tools, which includes developing the fundamental CB mindsets (mental models) and skillsets. We think that a key way we can serve our clients in their efforts to become more effective human beings is by role modeling the CB mindsets and skillsets in every interaction we have with them.     

This program is a pre-requisite to deliver our professional services. This cohort reunites 17 participants from Americas (US & MEX) and Europe. Elena, Gina, Adilson and Rebecca are the mentors, Tim and Valentin will be leading the Open Time sessions and Richi will be facilitating the live Workshops for CB and AC. We wish all the participants a great learning journey!

Daniela Villamar

Digital Product Owner

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Dani, we are delighted to have you on board!

Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change is a concept developed by Harvard professor Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. It is a process that helps individuals identify and overcome the personal and organizational barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals. Immunity to Change is a powerful tool for helping individuals make lasting change. By identifying and addressing the underlying beliefs and assumptions that are preventing them from achieving their goals, individuals can make lasting change.

We´ve launched an ITC program for 16 members of the Operations team that have been a part of the Axialent community for a while. They will be working in quartets and mentored by Horacio Rieznik and Valentin Giro. 

Gratitude & Appreciation

To: Charlie & Agus Carrizo
A speacial THANK YOU to Charlie and Agus for their exceptional support reviewing contracts/ requests on short notice. Their dedication and swift decision-making have been pivotal in ensuring our projects and partnerships move forward seamlessly.

Pia Riccombeni

To: Virginia Alemandi, Melike, Ana, Rolf
I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved in the Stellantis project. Melike for your great PM skills, Virginia and Rolf for your professional dedication and adaptability, and Ana for being such a team-player!

Pia Riccombeni

To: Gina Gonzalez
I had the chance to whitness Gina deliver our content for Meli. Thank you for your openness and kindness towards me! Your attention to detail, facilitation and performance is inspiring! Thousand kudos to you Gina!

Rogelio Salcedo

To: Edi & Cami
Thank you Edi and Cami for all your commitment to execute everything delivered during this Q at MELI (it was a lot!). Your responsibility, ability to execute and team orientation made it possible!.

Laura Roubakhine

To: Laura Suárez
Thank you Laura for all your great support with Aleatica! I appreciate you facing challenges with such a positive and pro-active attitude!

Pia Riccombeni

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