September 2022

Sales, Commercial & Marketing

Mini Offerings

We’re launching a set of “Mini Offerings” to close this year’s sales efforts with a bang! These are programs that can be offered to current clients, prospects that are still undecided, and other leads that might have a bit of leftover budget they can spend to close the year. These offerings are designed to be easy and quick to implement and not too costly and they are:

Share your story

Did you know Axialent has an Instagram account?  We’re trying to use this social network to show things like our leadership as a brand, our events, and other stuff. But mainly, we want to show our human side. And our human side is you, the fabulous individuals that make Axialent. That’s why we encourage you to make a short video telling us who you are and a little bit about yourself!

Ragasa is an oilseeds processing company located in Mexico. It offers oils of soybean, extra virgin olive, and edible vegetable, as well as soybean flour and soy oil spray. This month we have been working together to drive a high-performance team. Currently, we are discussing with the client what should be the next wave of work once we finish this program. In 2023 our agenda will be based on culture transformation and how to dip their steering committee into the conscious business program.
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Pomelo is a startup fintech company that opened its doors last year and has had an accelerated development since then. Currently, they understand what the meaning of culture into organizations is. Because of it, we will help them to define their culture and deploy it in the company together to their leadership team. We are so excited to support them and make a difference into Pomelo!
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Ingram Micro Brazil would like to develop the leader's ability to respond in the face of challenges and change, keeping the development process practical, clearly linked to the business needs. We hope to work with our clients soon to build a culture that supports business success by providing insight, advice, research, leadership and team development.
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October Birthdays

8th Agustin Carrizo

8th Carla Collenette 

13th Federico Moisello

18th Philippe Leonard

19th Anabel Dumlao

23rd  Alejandra Ordoñez Bruera

24th Romina Dzialoszycki 

27th Nelson Granja

Meet the team!

South Cone

Connie Busto, Cami Vaccarezza, Belu Zurita, Lau Roubakhine, Horacio Rieznik & Franco Palazzolo

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All Axialent Call

We hope to see you all at our third All Axialent Call of the year, followed by a 30 minutes space for Q&A, hosted by Oseas Ramírez. 


October 6th 

4 pm CET / 11 am ARG / 10 am ET

In case you can´t attend, we will be sharing the recording of the All Axialent Call. However, the Q&A call won´t be recorded. 

Who is excited about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

We are! So stay tuned and get ready to have some fun participating on the Axialent World Cup trivia, also known as PRODE, Quiniela and Polla Futbolera. More info coming soon!

People Care

Gratitude & Appreciation

To Cami Vaccarezza: Cami returned from her maternity leave and quickly started helping out with strategic clients. She returned to our account with Mercado Libre, where we are now deploying our communications platform pilot, and is also coordinating our new project with fintech Pomelo, deploying a full-show culture program. Thanks Cami for always accepting the challenge, while taking care of your baby boy!

Franco Palazzolo

To TikTok LATAM Team: We have been working with TikTok LATAM this year, helping them build a constructive culture to move from startup to scale up mode. In a few months, the Axialent team has made a powerful impact, helping the team uncover what they need to protect and evolve as they grow. This has been possible due to the dedication, persistence and guidance of the wonderful Axialent team. Marcio Marcos is the EM and has successfully developed a close and trust-based relationship with key client contacts, Renata Veloso has been key in the development of our approach, culture assessment insights and design and facilitation of interventions, and Gina Gonzalez has been advising and guiding the TikTok Mexico team. We get to challenge ourselves to think outside the box, apply our learner mindset and learn new, fun dances in the process 😉. Congrats team!

Teryluz Andreu

To Karen Foundling & Laura Roubakhine: Thank you so much for your amazing work co-designing with the client the New Leaders 2 - day workshop!

Laura: in your case you have led the conversations with MELI´s team impeccably, taking care of every detail, listening to client´s need, integrating different stakeholder´s perspectives and proposing new ideas to ensure the best possible outcome.

Karen: you have brought all your incredible creativity to the process and offered amazing learning experiences (such as the culture game) that have enabled facilitators create an AHA moment. You have both rocked and created a beautiful design to help new experience MELI´S DNA in action. It has been a joy to work and partner with you.

Connie Busto

To Belén Zurita: Belu is always ready to take on any project we launch, while always taking great care of our P&G programs. She has successfully worked on several other clients throughout this year and smoothly adapted to our Axialent family. Thank you Belu for your positive energy and flexibility!

Franco Palazzolo

We invite you to send us your quote to appreciate a colleague, team or collaborator. Let's spread some gratitude!

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